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Wanting to go Elk hunting
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Treeline 08-Apr-21
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First off, I'm not sure how to go about this and don't mean to make anyone mad. I'm an inexperienced elk hunter at best with only 4 years under my belt with archery and 3 with rifle and 2 kills with rifle, 0 with archery and 1 miss. Nothing big or spectacular in size but good memories. The guys I was going with were some I pulled together with little convincing but it's crazy how a hunting trip in the mountains can change perspective of people! I'm not one to ride around in the truck looking at land we can't access just because it's 75 degrees out! I'm not one to sit in camp because it's drizzling or too hot and the elk aren't going to move. I know it's a long shot and not sure if I'm even in the right spot here but I'm wondering if there's any guys that would consider adding another 39 year old in shape hunter in their camp? I'm interested in learning to call and stalk elk. I'm a team player just looking to get in some elk in the mountains wether it be DIY or guided. Thanks for your response/opinion in advance

From: Treeline
Persistence. Your attitude will pay off. Look up Elknut on here and get his calling system. Learn to research areas and figure out where elk are and hunter numbers are lower with decent success. Play the points game for opportunities in areas with good success. Don’t worry about going with anyone - just GO! You will meet damn good hunters and make friends for life just being in the woods... The journey is worth it.

From: Jaquomo
If you come to Colorado and hunt Over The Counter, you will have a plethora of opportunities to meet other hunters. Most will at least be friendly if you dont6ask where they're hunting. A few might invite you to have a beer or camp near them. The fellow I'm hunting with this year, I met in the woods four years ago. We've since had several hunts together here and on his farm in MO. Two years ago I helped him kill a great bull.

Pack your stuff, pick am area, and go. You'll learn a lot and meet some good people, guaranteed.

From: Inshart
Livin'; first off you put out a good post, sound like an upstanding guy, but most on here are a bit hesitant to take someone they've never met. Every-once-in-a-while someone will post on here "looking for a partner" or something very similar to what you just posted. Every few days refresh your post and hopefully you will get a taker.

Like the others have said, throw a dart at the map and have at an over the counter unit.

If you are thinking about a guided hunt look up Forest here on Bowsite - he's one of the best and will set you up for a reasonable fee.

Sending you a PM.

From: txhunter58
Sounds like he has a good spot already. 2 elk in 4 trips is way above average. If he already knows that area, no reason to change locations. He is a little unclear, but sounds like the guys he was going with backed out.

Because you are posting here, I assume you want to go on an archery hunt. If you will post the general area or unit (not the exact location), that might generate some interest

Thanks to all for the replies and advice. I'll look into Forest and see what he has to offer. I'm building the nerve to just go and drive to a spot and start hunting with little knowledge . The guys I've gone with for archery in the past I choose not to go with due to a few factors of opinions on best ways to hunt elk. All were first time out west for anything not just elk. One guy would walk around on the edge of the timber and grass areas blowing his cow call and tearing off cedar tree branches and rubbing them all over his clothes as we're walking. I wanted to veer off and go my own way but got the guilt trip of being told we're here as partners and he wanted to hunt together but he wouldn't even come up with a spot on the mountain to hunt and just wanted to walk in the open along the edge for a while. I don't know everything and try not to judge opinions but that was a time and money wasted trip! Another guy, we would leave camp or our motel early and get in the timber and see elk (in western MT) but the temps would rise fast around 9 -10 am and instead of going into the dark timber and up in elevation he'd opt to drive around in the truck (most of the land around us was unhuntable for a lot of miles) and check things out and go back out around 3 until just before dark head back to the truck. Like I said maybe this is how people do it but it just doesn't seem logical too me. I want to camp in the wilderness, hunt all day, do some calling, (practicing currently!) stalking, and get along with like minded folks! I have no general area in mind but have been around Kremmling CO for rifle and not sure how flooded it gets during archery otherwise have been west of Anaconda MT and seen elk but a lot of open land. I'm open to any suggestions/opinions. I hope this makes sense and doesn't come off like I'm a know it all or an unpleasant guy as that is far from what I am!! Thanks again

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