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Cell Trail Cam doe Home Security?
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SteveB 09-Apr-21
Wildan2 10-Apr-21
SteveB 10-Apr-21
spike78 10-Apr-21
Inshart 10-Apr-21
boothill 12-Apr-21
SteveB 12-Apr-21
Habitat 13-Apr-21
From: SteveB
Should say “for” not “doe”. Sorry. Has anyone had experience with this? My son wants to use camera/video at the end of his long heavily wooded property’s driveway 1/4 mile so if he’s gone he’ll know whats happening. Kind of like a cellular RING doorbell on steroids. Is there a FAST cellular way to accomplish this so the data comes across quickly instead of waiting on video til it’s too late? WiFi won’t reach that far. Also open to other solutions if anyone has input. The radio shack radio chime works but goes off too often with deer crossing the drive during the night and of course no images. Thanks!

From: Wildan2
Any cell camera should send pictures in minutes.Tatacam works fast and well.

Second for Tactacam

From: SteveB
Looking for instantaneous like RING to avert a potential problem if such is available.

From: spike78
My Tactacam sends pics to my phone around 2 minutes later

From: Inshart
My brother's Tactacam is a little slow, (minute to 90 seconds behind) but works pretty good.

From: boothill
Bigfoot trail cameras out of Poncha Springs, CO. My friend has a 1/4 mile driveway and we have been sitting at his house and he will get the notification before they get to the house. Will work with most major cell carriers and have 3g and 4g capabilities.

From: SteveB
Thanks Boothill!!

From: Habitat
Listen to the test on chasing giants and good luck finding tactacams if you wanted one.You might talk to the guys at

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