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First opportunity to plant a plot
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Iowabowhunter 14-Apr-21
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Iowabowhunter 14-Apr-21
Iowabowhunter 14-Apr-21
Buddy of mine got access to a tractor with a bush hog, tiller and planter.

Central Iowa, looking at maybe 3 acres total. Gets direct sunglight, praying for a wetter summer/early fall than what we got here last year. I had pulled a harrow behind the 4 wheeler and spread some seed, didn't really take due to complete lack of moisture.

Never had the opportunity to do something like this before, wondering what steps I should take to ensure a good plot come hunting season and late season into the winter.

Thanks all!

From: t-roy
By a planter, do you mean a corn/soybean planter? Is your 3 acres all in a single plot, or are you talking multiple plots that will total 3? Are your plot/plots pretty secluded and/or tucked back in the timber, or open field with timber on the edge? More details about your setup can have some bearing on what to plant. Also.....I hear ya on hoping for better moisture this year! Last year SUCKED!

I think by planter he meant something that puts the seed in the ground-not positive however.

It's one plot, and yes it is tucked back in, not visible from any road.

Nice part is that it's on one border of the property, there's a fence line (no trees suitable for a stand) and right across the mini tree line is the neighbors big corn field.

It is an open field, with timber on 3 sides.

It previously was a mix of CRP and some clover. The clover takes really well each year-had put out some cams in the past but it doesn't get much activity outside of deer travelling through.

There is a really thick/nasty bedding area not 40 yards from the plot that we never go in.

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