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Urgent Alert Alaska Caribou and Moose
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Realwarrior 15-Apr-21
Nick Muche 16-Apr-21
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MichaelArnette 16-Apr-21
John in MO / KY 19-Apr-21
JulianT 19-Apr-21
From: Realwarrior

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Urgent Alert regarding Department of Interior proposal to close Federal Land to Aug-Sept Caribou & Moose Hunts

*If this was posted previously, now there's 2x the chance of being seen

From: Nick Muche

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Link to provide written comments.

Meateater still silent end the BHA had made their basic minimal statement that does absolutely nothing. Wake up North American Hunters.


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The Alaska chapter of BHA is currently present and active on our behalf. The organization has also made a statement And is working through it’s local chapters as always.

Hunter nation Who I am also a member of on the other hand has been silent on the issue and is currently pushing the crossbow bill in Montana.

I don’t agree with some things and be a G, I don’t agree with some things with Hunter nation, I’m a member of both because they both protect different interests



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Meateater article

From: JulianT
And BHA's take action link: https://www.backcountryhunters.org/oppose_public_land_closure_in_northwest_ak?fbclid=IwAR1tv-gyvhDqbkVCBIqw2t97KGDkC8DeAS2F8rSYjN2uYov4gGKZJYnPfsA#/216/

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