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Your nemesis turkey subspecies
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altitude sick 18-Apr-21
lv2bohunt 18-Apr-21
t-roy 18-Apr-21
Old School 18-Apr-21
StickFlicker 18-Apr-21
lewis 18-Apr-21
Jack Whitmrie jr 18-Apr-21
Please list in order which turkey subspecies you find hardest to hunt and kill with a bow. Be it where they live. wariest etc. Please keep it to the continental US Mine is the Osceola

From: lv2bohunt
Eastern wild turkey in Arkansas is the toughest I’ve hunted. They are highly pressured in Arkansas. I’ve seen turkey in other states that seem to be much less wary and seem to me to be a little less call shy.

From: t-roy
Hands down......the Alabama slama eastern. I’ve yet to tag one.

From: Old School
Where is TBM when we need him to chime in.....

From: StickFlicker
In my home state of Arizona, I've taken Merriam's and the Rio Grande, so I'd say my nemesis has to be Gould's just because I've never been able to draw a tag to hunt them! Of the two I've hunted, I found the Merriam's to be more difficult to hunt, but it could just be that they receive far more hunting pressure than the Rios do here.

From: lewis
Easterns on the Cumberland Plateau don’t know what it is but they can go completely silent,stay way away from decoys and use the bluffs to drive you crazy ?? Good luck Lewis

Appalachian easterns in these hills are tough ,RIO's are easiest IMO.

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