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Horn Hunter G2 Day Pack
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MA-PAdeerslayer 19-Apr-21
wyliecoyote 19-Apr-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 19-Apr-21
Shawn 19-Apr-21
Anyone ever use one for saddle hunting? Looks like it would be a sweet pack with 3 spots to attach sticks...but my local cabelas and bass pro don’t carry them to look at

From: wyliecoyote
Got it...use it all the time..never tried riding a horse with it


Awesome joe. Shoulda been more clear. Saddle as in mobile set up! Tree saddle hunting!

From: Shawn
I use one, works great. You just have to figure out your own method of carrying. No matter what I try I still carry my sticks in my right hand and bow on left. I just don't care for my sticks(4 17 in Shikars) on my pack. Shawn

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