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NM Unit 21a Outfitters
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bloodrunner38 22-Apr-21
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bloodrunner38 22-Apr-21
Pop-r 22-Apr-21
SteveB 23-Apr-21
Hi Guys, I've been a long time reader, not so much of a poster (just a few times). My dad and I were lucky enough to 21a second season archery tags in NM. Don't ask me how i really have no no idea? Toprut had our odds at 1.1%. It looks like we got 2 out of 3 NR tags. We both had it as our second choice and not together. This is both our first out of state elk tags we have drawn, given we have only been putting in for hard to get tags for years. We are more than capable of a DIY hunt and if we would have drawn our first choice that is what we would be doing. 21a is kinda an outlier in the Gila, not a lot of info on the unit, and with a baby boy on the way in June. I know my scouting will probably be limited to one weekend before season during the summer. My dad has talked me into looking at outfitters. His point is sure we know how to our CO honey holes and units because of weeks of boots on the ground every year, but NM is a completely different game. Our chances of drawing a tag together again in a Gila unit are probably slim to none. I have contacted quite a few outfitters and several have openings. Have any of you hunted with Beaverhead Outterfitters, LOH Outfitters, HiLo Country Outfitters, or JG and outfitters. We are looking for at least an 8 day hunt not a 5 or 6. I would appreciate any feedback from you guys on these outfitters and 21a. Of course I couldn't sleep last night already starting the research. Best Regards, NG

I would give GT Nunn with Frontier Outfitters a call as well. I’ve hunted with him in the past as well as several friends, great outfit and they kill big bulls!

Thanks Brad, I reached out to him yesterday as well!

From: Pop-r
Beaverhead would be hard to go wrong with. Probably as knowledgeable on NM elk as anyone alive.

From: SteveB
Daryl Welty at Limestone Outfitters in Dusty/Winston, NM.

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