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From: Pathfinder1
Hi guys. I'm a new member and transitioning over from ILF recurve shooting, to longbow trad. Some guys at the range let me shoot their longbow...and well here I am. I'm a senior and looking for an Omega or Bear Au Sable 64" 35#@28. I'm looking in the classifieds but can't find anywhere there is to type a "search item". Is there one? Also, are you allowed to list ILF barebow recurve bows? Advice appreciated. Thanks, Scott

From: kadbow
Go here and check out the classifieds.

From: Scrappy
Go over to the leatherwall and them guys will get you all fixed up.

From: Heat
x2 kadbow

From: GF
There’s no search function on the wall-sode classifieds, but you can at least filter by bow type.

You can also list what you have on a swap&trade thread, if you have a bow (or limbs or riser) that you would be willing to trade for what you’re looking for.

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