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Hunting in Hawaii
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From: mgmicky
I’m going to a wedding in Kaua’i mid August this summer. It looks like weekends and Mondays in some units are the only days to hunt, so I’ll have 3 days at the most. Does anyone know if a DIY hunt for goats/pigs is doable for 2-3 days, or do I need a guide? I hunted with Patrick Fisher 20 years ago on Maui and had a great time, but I’d like a DIY hunt this trip if possible. Thanks, mg

From: JTreeman

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Na’pali coast trail. Have not been there for years, but it’s totally DIY, the two times I did it plenty of goats and pigs. But again, my info is not recent. Perfect for a 2-3 day DIY pack-in. Should be year round, hunting lisc all you need, but double check everything I said. Kauai is my favorite island. Can’t wait to go back.


From: JohnMC
Question Jim - you in Hawaii for vacation and spend a day or two hunting. You kill a pig or goat. Then what do you do with it?

From: RK
Simple. He gives it away to people that need it

My question is why are you Hunting when you could be fishing for big blue marlin and tuna.

I guess the answer is he wants to LMAO!!!

Have fun


wildwilderness's Link
As mentioned Na Pali is a fun diy trip.

No meat salvage laws in Hawaii, they are all non native and considered pests.

The few goats we shot on Kauai were given to the hippies living on the trail, they always enjoy it.

The last time there was back in 2017? So May be dated. Here is a write up of the last hunt-

From: mgmicky
Thanks for the info wildwilderness. Looks like you had a hell of a year!

From: elkmtngear
Kalalau trail (on the Napali Coast) runs across a bunch of steep, scalloped ridges. For pigs, head up into the larger drainages, following game trails up into the jungle. The further you go up off the main trail, the more game you will see.

Once you get 5 or 6 miles in on the main trail, goats start to show up everywhere. We slept overnight with just a pad and a space blanket, it never got below 60 degrees.

My daughter missed an opportunity on a 200 ish pound black boar, and we chased goats all over the place. It was one of the most unique hunts I have ever been on, well worth the cheap license fee!

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