Athlon Ares.
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I found a good deal on an in the box, new Athlon Ares 15-45x65 spotter. I bought it after researching and reading the reviews on hunting and bird forums.

I’ve never really looked through a mid range spotter. Or one this cheap. It’s either been a diamond back then skip upto top tier. So, I don’t expect this to be one of those. But, I was wandering if anyone on bowsite can speak of what kind of glass this is. They’ll be here in another day or two. But, it’s going to be a couple weeks before I really get them sone where I can put them to use. Thanks fellas.

From: Rickm
Never heard of them but there is some really good under the radar glass out there. Hope it works and keep us updated.

From: Matt
I just got an Athlon scope on a PCP airgun I bought. Not much of a gun guy so hard to compare to other name brands, but the salesperson at the shop I bought it from was high on Athlon from a value-perspective.

From: grizzly63
Maybe you can use it to spot good deals. Bla ha!

From: tkjwonta
after reading a ton of online reviews of mid-range spotters, I was down to the Athlon Ares vs Hawke Endurance. I ended up with the Hawke primarily because there was a better sale at the time I was ready to purchase, but I think I would've been happy either way.

Good luck with the new glass.

Justin, I received the spotter today. My initial impressions are it’s a very good purchase. It’s extremely crisp and clear. The images color tones seems accurate and bright. I’ve noticed no fuzzy outlines on images. Or a blu tint I’ve observed through other HD glass. I think it’s going to fit my needs perfectly. At a very good price point.

I’ve not got to view anything at extremely long ranges yet. That will hopefully come tomorrow. But, it’s plenty good glass to tell a decent buck with at any range I could see them.

So far, I’m very pleased. And, expect it’ll do just fine for my purposes.

From: gil_wy
I have one and love it... it’s no Swarovski but it’s better than average.

From: DanaC

From: Thornton
Athlon usually gets good reviews. My friend sells their rifle scopes and I've looked through them at deer at dusk through his reloading room window. They seem to have good light transmission.

I went hunting this morning in the coal fields. Lots of reclaimed mountain top removal permits in the area I was at. I set the spotter up and was able to look at bushes and objects on a reclaimed area at 3/4 mile across a big valley. To say I am pleased is an understatement.

The images are super clear and crisp. I’d have zero problems counting points on any buck at that distance. This scope far exceeds my expectations.

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