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Rio hunt?
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I have completed 3/4 of my turkey slam and need to go after a Rio next. I'm looking for a place with a trespass fee, semi-guided, or a state to start my research for public land. Hoping to hunt in the spring of 2023. Definitely willing to help guys on finding an Eastern bird for a Rio. Thanks

From: drycreek
Central Texas has plenty of Rios , but it might be difficult to find a place to hunt for a tresspass fee. Most of the outfitters want $450 or so for a two day hunt. Two days might not get it done with a bow.

If I can find a good hunt for $450, I would be very interested.

From: milnrick
Pete Denney's Brush Hill Ranch, Sabinal TX.

Lots of Rios, plus hogs and javelina.

Bring bedding and food. The Lonestar Bowhunters Association does their annual Grunts and Gobbles hunt there every year.

Though I haven't been there in several years, I have taken all 3 critters there.

From: StickFlicker
Arizona only issues 4 Rio tags per year statewide in a lottery drawing, so you can cross us off your list!!

From: RK

Are you looking to just fill the gap in your slam with one bird We might be able to help you at the $500 mark

Brushy Hills is a good choice

Ours would be as good but no other hunters

Pm me if you want some info

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