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Refunds for NM bighorn draw?
Wild Sheep
Contributors to this thread:
coonazz 28-Apr-21
Drnaln 28-Apr-21
sticksender 28-Apr-21
Huntcell 28-Apr-21
coonazz 01-May-21
JDM 01-May-21
From: coonazz
No surprise, but I didn't draw elk, oryx, or sheep in the New Mexico draw this year. I received the refund on the elk and oryx on the 22nd, but I don't see anything on the sheep tag yet. ($5K) Anyone else in put in for NM sheep and get their refund already"?

From: Drnaln
Got mine credit on Visa today. Funny the credit was dated the 22nd just like all the other species credits that showed up earlier.

From: sticksender
Got mine on 4/22 also. NM has been super fast at doing refunds the past few years.

FWIW, the NR sheep license refund is not 5k, it's 3160.00.

From: Huntcell
Must be figuring out how to deposit your $1,840 donation before returning the $3,160

From: coonazz
Drnaln - Same thing for me. I applied for elk, oryx, and bighorn. (Totalling $5638). I got the refund for oryx and elk ($1610 & 760) on April 22nd, but I didn't get the remaining refund ($3160) for the bighorn until today (5/1). Weird thing is, the refund on my chase account is dated 4/22.

From: JDM
I applied for Desert Sheep and oryx. Got the Sheep refund but still haven't got the oryx refund.

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