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Idaho and wolves
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standswittaknife 28-Apr-21
Moosemania 28-Apr-21
GF 28-Apr-21
Paul@thefort 28-Apr-21

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Interesting read...

From: Moosemania
Bout time is all I can say.

From: GF
“ Democrat Sen. Michelle Stennett, who voted against the bill, argued on the Senate floor that allowing contractors to kill the wolves would give the state little power to control them, adding she wishes the money would go toward tourism or recreation.”

So hunting falls under neither “tourism“ nor “recreation“??

That seems like a thought process that didn’t quite get completed.

I’m nowhere near close enough to the situation to know whether the “right” number is 150, 1500, or 15,000, but I think the Senator oughtta look into it. But paid contractors don’t seem that hard to control from my POV… If you don’t pay them, they are pretty likely to stop.

From: Paul@thefort
this post is being hacked by mircomm

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