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Little ole CT has a Moose population
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From: nehunter

nehunter's Link
Couple of miles away from my hunting camp.

Probably the most southern population in the US?

From: Bou'bound
it's declining as the pregnant cows get run over though

From: JohnMC
Definitely not the most southern population. For example Colorado has quite a few moose.

From: wytex
Few roaming around NM too.

From: Sandbrew
Actually if you look at a map, all of CT except the very SW tip of Byram Point is all north of the 41st parallel which is the norther boundary of Colorado. Still very cool they have moose that far south of the Eastern Canadian variety.


From: DanaC
Hav seen them and gotten them on trail cam here in Mass. Not surprised they're a bit south. They don't do well in the summer heat.

From: Huntcell
He probably meant the Canadien subspecies without regards to the recent Shiras transplant introduction to Colorado a few years back.

The whole moose subspecies thing is suspect according to moose expert Valerius Geist publication the Ecology and Management of moose , states that early scientist / biologist rush across the north American continent may have seriously errored in delineating the moose into subspecies as the only thing that is different with the animals is where they are located.

Ya jump on the size thing comparing Shrias to Yukon.

he states that the habitat and day length causes the size different plus the further north mammals go the larger the body mass tends to be and not just moose., he says switch a herd from the Yukon with herd from Wy and in less than 3 generations the shorter growing season and poor forage of Wy, that the Yukon herd would experience would bring them into the local size parameters, and vis-a-versa with the Wy transplant in Yukon. Scientist and laymen would be unable to tell any difference. Because they are after all just one species of moose across all of north America.

The only true two sub-spieces of moose are old world moose and new world moose.

He admits that getting the species listing change is futile , people being what they are.

From: GF
“ Little ole CT has a Moose population...”

Sounds more like you should’ve put that in PAST tense!

From: Squash
NY has growing moose population as well. 500-800 animals. But we will never be able to hunt them, legally.

From: Pat Lefemine
CT has a bunch of moose and a ton of bears. The people that run this state will never allow a season for either.

From: wilbur

wilbur's Link
From one of my trail cams here in CT.

From: wilbur

wilbur's embedded Photo
wilbur's embedded Photo
Last year here in CT.

From: Rut Nut
That’s surprising! I was always told moose that came down this far from New England were either young males looking for love in all the wrong places, or diseased. Didn’t know there was an established population this far south!

From: Will
There are a ton here in MA. See them often during the season... They dont know the border so... Down to CT they must go looking for space to hang out. They are super fun to see and watch. I had one walk, literally, under a stand I was in maybe 15 years ago now (north central MA)... It's surprising how close the head of a young bull feels when you are only 12-15 feet up ha ha ha!

Hopefully they do ok in CT, and dont kill anyone on the roads.

From: Shiras42
Sweet! You know what this means? CT live moose hunts in the future. :)

From: nehunter
I was referring to the Eastern Canadian Moose on my post. I always see one or two guys posting on FB pics of the sheds they find in the Barkhamstead reservoir which is very close to where this Moose was hit. We have more Bear per square mile in my area of CT than most places in the USA.

From: DanaC
Hunt north of there in MA, Russell-Blandford area, seen bears and bear sign for years, saw a young bull there several years ago. Couple buddies spotted a small cow a few weeks ago while turkey hunting.

Kind of like trout, they really need to stay cool in the summer.

From: dm/wolfskin
"The operator of the vehicle was not found at fault for the accident." Really!

From: Bill in MI
... In other news CT live hunts get interesting

From: Bou'bound
Ain’t happnin’

From: Wild Bill
"Probably the most southern population in the US?"

JohnMc, Wytex and Sandbrew, that's a New England Yankee mindset where there aint nothing beyond the Hudson River

From: nehunter
Wild Bill - I was talking about the Eastern Canadian Moose, I fixed it in another post.

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