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Teeton 04-May-21
Tatonka17 04-May-21
APauls 04-May-21
Cornpone 04-May-21
4nolz@work 04-May-21
Joey Ward 05-May-21
Boone 05-May-21
Teeton 05-May-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 05-May-21
From: Teeton
Looking into getting a couple of SpyPoint Link-Micro-LTE in ATT. My question is do you need a Photo plan for each camera or one plan for 2, 3 or more Cameras? I see the plan for unlimited is 15 a month. Anyone have any experience with these cams.. Or other Cams and their plans and plan costs. Must be ATT. How about their APPS, how you like them?

From: Tatonka17
I know you need a plan for each camera, although I think there might be a price break for additional cameras.

From: APauls
Pay nothing and get 100 pics per month. App is great, but yes plans are per camera.

From: Cornpone
I have 8 Spypoint cams and am satisfied with the 100 free pics/month. If you find that you exceed that you can adjust the pic interval and change from two to one pic per detection. Works for me.

Currently I've pulled all my cams and won't reinstall until probably September.

From: 4nolz@work
way lower tweaking and maintenance than Cuddelink system and I have both

for some reason i have lost all my pics that were on the app/phone. anybody else have this happen?

From: Joey Ward
Hunt, probably a cellular issue..... but all the pics should still be on the SD card/s. But you’ll have to pull them and review.

From: Boone
I have had the SpyPoint for a few years now. I usually pay the 15 dollar a month september through december and then go to the free 100 a month and drop it to 1 picture every ten minutes and only 1 at a time to max out the 30 days best i can. i have had no problem with the camer or app. i have a hme battery/solar hooked up to it all winter and still showing 100%

From: Teeton
Thanks guys for your input.

Yup per camera. I have 3 out in PA since last September with lithium batteries and I’m at about 20% with all 3. Making a trip soon to reload Them and maybe move em a bit to a few summer areas they typically frequent

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