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Feather grinding
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Rock 06-May-21
Paul@thefort 06-May-21
GF 06-May-21
hawkeye in PA 06-May-21
Dale06 06-May-21
stykzz 06-May-21
Rock 08-May-21
Tonybear61 09-May-21
From: Rock
I have an old address in CA for stykzz (Tom Peterson) and would like to find out if it is still a good address to send feathers to for grinding.

Or if there is anyone else that splits and grinds them.

From: Paul@thefort
Rock, I did not know what grinding was so I looked it up.

BARRED FOR LIFE — A TALE OF GRINDING TRUTH ©DEAN TORGES/THE BOWYER'S EDGE™ Barred fletching belongs on wooden arrows in the same way that a taut string belongs on a bent stick. These form such a perfect union and yield such a timeless truth that Moses didn't even bother to write it down.

If I don't have at least one barred feather on a wooden arrow, then I've got a second-class arrow. I wouldn't ask it to do first-class work. But who wants to pay the going price for barred fletching, provided he can even find some for sale?

One of the attractions of our sport is that it teaches if you don't have what you need, you probably can and should make it. I think it was no less a champion of the American wild turkey than Benjamin Franklin who cautioned against early trends toward consumerism with this warning: "Don't buy nothin', don't throw nothin' away, make whatever you can."

So gather up discarded turkey and goose wings from hunting buddies. Because in the spirit of our sport, the spirit which believes personal growth attends the acceptance of total personal responsibility, what follows are directions for making a simple feather grinding clamp and instructions for grinding precise and exact fletching.

As you toil at making beautiful arrows, you'll be reminded of Maurice Thompson's spiritual guide Tommy and his observation: "Any stick do for bow, good arrow damn heap work." Don't be discouraged. There is a big difference, which our language tends to ignore, between making arrows and assembling them. Remember the quality of Tommy's arrows and that he once "gave the finest exhibition of archery... perhaps ever seen by anyone." Though it may appear that you are laboring after arrows that persuasive consumer arguments urge you to buy in component form, if not altogether readymade, we both know that you are building much more.

From: GF
He is still active on the Wall, and usually has a post in the swap and trade thread about doing the work in exchange for the wing that you won’t use.

And I might Tom does a fantastic job.

From: Dale06
The feathers from my Nebraska turkey arrowed three weeks ago are already on my elk arrows that I will use this September. I cut my own with a Little Chopper, and hand sand them. They’re not perfect, but work very well. Been doing that for many years. I fletch two white and one barred.

From: stykzz
Yep, still here in Crazyfornia. Still grinding feathers too. Same address. Thanks

From: Rock
stykzz, I sent you 2 boxes of feathers yesterday.

From: Tonybear61
What kind of money are we talking? I still have wings from several turkeys I shot.

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