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Wyoming general and type 9?
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Mossyhorn 13-May-21
Brotsky 13-May-21
LONEBULL 13-May-21
From: Mossyhorn
I’m looking at the regs and I’ll use unit 59 as an example.

In the regs it says there is a general season that is Sept 1-30 for archery for any elk and October 1-21 for antlered rifle.

Then it says there’s a type 9 for any elk, archery only Sept 1-30.

I see several units like this. Why would anyone put in for the type 9? Possibly easier to draw than a general license???

From: Brotsky
Correct, the type 9 is far easier to draw than the type 1 in these areas. A lot of areas like this have the type 1 or general tag start 9/15 for archery and gives the type 9 guys 15 days free reign prior to the masses moving in. Other areas like 59 do not. If you look at the draw odds 59 is a max points area for the type 1 however the type 9 can be had for far, far less. The 59 type 9 pretty much requires a resident guide or outfitter because the elk are essentially 100% within the wilderness boundary during the archery season.

When type 9 tags in NW Wyoming first came out in the 1980's it was for the outfitters so they could get clients in archery season that didn't want to rifle hunt. Since that time type 9 has evolved into more areas of the state and have become quite popular as bow hunting has increased in popularity. I remember back in the day when they had leftover type 9 tags that they never sold!!

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