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Looking for turkey outfitter in Nebraska
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Brknarrow1970 13-May-21
Rock 14-May-21
Paul@thefort 14-May-21
Buffalo1 15-May-21
FMSullie 07-Aug-21
writer 15-Nov-21
Jims 19-Nov-21
JohnMC 19-Nov-21
tm 19-Nov-21
jimss 20-Nov-21
jimss 20-Nov-21
Dale06 21-Nov-21
Anyone have a good recommendation for an outfitter in Nebraska, for Merriam turkey. Haven't been on in a while , would hit up some public options but coming from NC by myself so any advice for 2022 is greatly appreciated

From: Rock
14-May-21 Jason Lambly

From: Paul@thefort
if you want a true Merriam and not a cross between a Merriam and Rio, you might need to hunt in the NW part of Nebraska near the S. Dakota line.

From: Buffalo1
Boone Huffman Ash Creek Outfitters Chadron, NE

From: FMSullie
Pine ridge indian res S. Dakota. Went for 20 Years with my buddies form NC, Murphy. If you can pull a trigger, you'll get a bird. Its worth the extra drive.

From: writer
Tell, em, Paul.

Merriam's need to be hunted among the hills or mountains and Ponderosa pines. A turkey is a turkey is a turkey, it's the habitat that really separates the species.

Merriam's - mountains or Black Hills Rios - semi-arid to arid prairie Eastern - in the big, hardwoods Florida - southern half of the state, the land of swamps and sweet-smelling orange blossoms.

From: Jims
Turkey numbers are a lot lower where I've been in Nebraska. In fact, you may want to ask around to find out if it's worth going? Not only are there more predators the past few years but there also seems to be disease that is totally wiping out some of the turkey populations.

From: JohnMC
Jim what part of NE are you hunting? I also hunt NE I might agree turkey populations where down a little last year but still lots of birds.

From: tm
PM sent.

From: jimss
South Central Nebraska. One ranch I started hunting around 7 years ago had 300 turkeys each day in their trees. This year they were down to a handful. Another ranch around 15 miles away had 200+ and now only has around 20. A third ranch had around 100 and this year had around 20. The deer in the same area have almost totally disappeared.

From: jimss
I also drive I80 several times a year. In the spring it used to be common to see literally hundreds of turkeys along the highway. I only see a few scattered flocks of only a few here and there now. Spring egg nesting/brood conditions have been less than ideal but there also is something else going on. I would certainly ask some detailed questions to Nebraska outfitters before signing up this spring! One of the ranches I hunted had an outfitter spend a huge amount of $ on leasing the property. I have a feeling his clients are going to be sorely disappointed!

From: Dale06
I hunted with Cole Kirchhefer in Henry Ne, last April. He’s right on the Wy border in western Ne. Two of us were hunting for three days. Two of the three days the weather was terrible, snowed sideways in 20 mph wind one day. The other bad day it was extremely windy and cold, 30 mph or so. Both of us arrowed a turkey on the day of decent weather. Saw lots of birds but they sure did not want to decoy much. If you want a phone number or have other questions pm me.

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