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Utah Box Elder archery?
Mule Deer
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BowHiker 15-May-21
wildwilderness 15-May-21
BULELK1 16-May-21
From: BowHiker
Drew box elder general archery deer, last choice, mainly so i could atleast hunt the wasatch. Success rate runs around 7 percent, i want to be one of those lucky ones. Ive hunted almost extensively in the manti san raphael unit, and have never even been in box elder area even though im life time resident. I plan on doing some scouting of course, but was curious if any guys have hunted this area in the past and could give me pointers on where to begin? I would gladly trade info on areas ive hunted in the past, mainly fairview, mayfield, strawberry, etc. Im after that old, wiley, mature velvet buck that has been my life long nemesis and am willing to put in the work. Thanks for any advice

If it’s a big one you are after, and you have no experience with Box Elder, do like you said and just wait til the Extended hunt. Spend the regular season chasing elk!

Raft River Mountain, come in from the Idaho side has worked best for me.

There is a little primitive campground, hunting out of there is okay and hardly anyone around.

There is a big CWMU to the west side of the unit and it has incorporated a lot of public ground so beware of that area.

Rattlesnakes for sure!!

Good luck, Robb

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