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From: MDcrazyman
I have 3 points will that draw next year and any outfitter recommendations would be great. thanks.

From: Huntcell

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You need to be more specific. 3 points will get you a tag for some areas and some weapon types. 3 points WILL NOT get you a tag for some areas and some weapon types.

You can always go to Iowa NR page to find the specifics for your situation.

From: 4nolz@work
for ARCHERY its not a given as it was in the past, recently zone 4 usually needs 4 points,who knows how many didnt apply last year for fear of lockdowns,I also have 3PP but not counting my chickens until they hatch.

the 2020 draw statistics are on the DNR webpage ex. last year in zone 4 180 people with 3 PP drew the other 268 had 4 points or more.

From: MDcrazyman
Ok, so to prepare for the future, hunt cell do you know a great outfitter so I can see what areas to research to see how many points I will need. I would like an archery rut hunt. Thanks in advance guys.

From: midwest

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Steve Hanson

From: Bowboy
Yep, Steve Hanson is very good. I hunted with him last year. He's one of the best and knows his areas very well.

From: MDcrazyman
thanks fellas

From: Shawn
Pm me! Shawn

To Clarify- you said you HAVE 3 points (right now)? which means you WILL have 4 points NEXT year (after you apply for another point this year)? and you are looking to draw NEXT YEAR 2022? I am pretty sure 4 NR points will draw you an archery tag in any unit.....

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