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Wildan2 17-May-21
Hans 1 18-May-21
Pat Lefemine 18-May-21
From: Wildan2
We have used pelleted in the past and would like to try a liquid fertilizer for corn/sorghum,any suggestions?

From: Hans 1
The main liquid use in the growing of corn would be liquid UAN which is normally 28-32% nitrogen. It is much heavier than water 10.5-11 pounds per gallon. To get 100 units of actual N you will need approx. 30 gallons per acre. This can be sprayed on top of the ground or incorporated. Often we have it sprayed on and then mix our pre emergent chemical with it. This is also very corrosive so was any equipment it touches very well.

From: Pat Lefemine
Hans +1.

I’ve never sprayed liquid fertilizer but guys who are set up with the proper spraying equipment prefer it to granular which volitizes quickly. The key is to have the right equipment for fertilizer spraying and I don’t.

For corn I knife in starter at planting and Broadcast granular urea when the corn is around 10”. It has worked well for me just be sure to spray right before a good rain so it gets soaked into the ground before it volitizes.

Good luck.

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