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Ok I've been doing some research. One You Tuber recommended if I have a good stand now of perennials (Mine is clovers in with wheat) to leave it alone. Don't plow it under to plant a fall crop. The deer did love it last fall. It was just getting started last fall looking more like a golf green. Now its up and doing good. So should I spray it with something to kill what weeds are mixed in? And will it still be doing good this fall. It's about a 2 acre plot. I do have more pasture in front but deer only hit that at night. And more along a narrow strip on my fence line maybe 12' wide that's just in grass now. Last year I burned the edges which seemed to draw them in as well.

From: WI Shedhead
Deer eat some weeds, thier not all bad. Mow your plot once a month til Labor Day and your clover will turn out great as long as thier isn’t prolonged periods without rain

From: drycreek
I keep my clover mowed mostly but usually once a year I will spray it with Butyrac 200 and Clethodim. One kills grass and the other weeds. Be aware that Cleth works better on grass that’s young and tender and it doesn’t kill it quickly.

From: t-roy
Probably be better to just mow it a few times vs spraying it now. Spraying is way more effective when the weeds are smaller. Most broadleaf weeds are relatively easy to control by mowing. Grasses, not as much.

What depth should I set the blades to?

From: Hancock West
Everytime you till you just bring more weed seed to the surface.

From: Catscratch
I let my wheat/clover plots go until fall. I do Throw-n-mow so I like to have the thatch to plant into for my fall mix. I plant awnless wheat and the deer vacuum up the heads in July. Weeds don't bother me, they get browsed as much as what I plant.

Here is what I do with my wheat/clover; let it go all summer, broadcast wheat seed right before a rain, mow. This lets me have some cereal grains mixed into a clover plot without redoing the whole thing. I will have a strong clover plot with some wheat in it.

My wheat plots; let it go all summer, spray gly early fall, broadcast wheat right before a rain, mow. This will make a strong wheat field for the winter and spring.

From: jingalls
Go to Meat Eater and look up deer weed article. Gives you the top weeds deer love. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money killing something deer want to eat.

Do you burn your food plots and if so when? Or just the fringes up to the food plots?

Also can you spray with a herbacide like Glyphosate after you mow or only before you plant your initial crop?

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