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From: midwest
What's everyone liking these days? In the market.

From: DanaC
I picked up a 'last years model' from Cabelas and saved a good number of $$ Unless you need it for long range rifle there's little point in spending a fortune. Find a brand name you trust and bargain-hunt.

From: Pete-pec
Agree with DanaC. You'll get a bunch of replies from people and the brand they chose and like, when ultimately, they all do virtually the same thing.

From: greg simon
I’m liking my leupold. It’s a few years old. The display is bright and it has angle compensation. I think it’s a 1200i TBR.

From: Shug
I have a Leica 1200 but been thinking about getting the Leupold RX1600 lately

From: butcherboy
I still use an old Bushman that’s 20 years old. I’m really eyeballing the new Maven.

From: Jethro
I picked up a Sig Kilo1800BDX in January. I wanted an illuminated display and it was on sale for a got to try it price. I like it. Hits your target easily through tight spots in brush and lightning fast. Almost like yardage is displayed before you're done pushing button. Red display is a nice step up from my older Leupold (which never gave me 1 problem either).

It is capable of pairing with BDX rifle scope, if you're into that. I am not, so can't comment how well that works.

From: Bou'bound

Long time Leica lover, and if it was a "glass to glass" comparison Leica wins, but all other metrics go to SIG. Have sold the Leicas and am locked in on the Kilo by SIG.

From: Cornpone
Whichever you choose make sure it has angle compensation if you're into uphill/downhill situations.

From: White Falcon

From: Bob H in NH
For 95% of bowhunting angle compensation is a non issue, the 2 distances are so close its essentially the same.

Those other times are if you do things like hunt on side of a very steep ravine where horizontal and line of sight can be way off.

If you also will rifle hunt at longer ranges in steep terrain it absolutely matters

From: jingalls
I have used the second gen Nikon stabilization range finder for two seasons. Absolutely love it. I can easily put it on the antler tip of an animal at 50yards and get an accurate reading. Good battery life and I’ve had no issues from Alaska to Montana I’ve never had a problem.

From: Bou'bound
no decent rangefinder doesn't have angle compensation. whether it matters or not it is an automatic feature in any decent unit

From: maxracx
I am a fan of Vortex. Great product, great people, great customer service if you need it.

From: Jims
Can't beat a pair of Leica bino-rangefinder combo!

From: APauls
2nd Leupold. Very happy with em. Got like 10 years out of my last one and just burnt out the LED’s

From: yeager
Used the Leupold RX-1200 TBR for years, then upgraded to the Leupold RX-1600i TBR/W a couple years ago. The lighted red reticle is much easier to see.

From: pav

From: HDE
SIG will be my next.

Have an earlier model Leica 1600. It's more than a decent unit and it doesn't do angle compensation. For rifle hunting, a 300 yd LOS target with a 300' elevation change, the true horizontal is negligible.

Long range open country hunting with a rifle would normally have a zero at 250 - 300 yds anyway which would put high angle 300 yd LOS targets true distance of 100 yds only a couple of inches high of zero. Bullet entry and exit angle is where it will bite you.

From: TD
SIG. Hands down best I've used, I was gonna sell off my fairly new Leupold after I tried them side by side (until coach sent it through the washer). Fast. Accurate, with angle comp. Good "last target" discrimination. Good optics. If you think "they are all the same" then you possibly don't use one all that much, especially in low light. In a tree no big deal as you're calmly ranging landmarks well ahead of time. Stalking on the ground they are used religiously.... essential gear for me.

Whichever brand make sure it's an LED screen vs the LCD. LED is much clearer and can come in colors other than black (which sucks in low light/magic hour) and even variable brightness display. Gonna spend a bit more for it, no doubt. I'm pretty much a cheapskate but there are things in life worth the money. Good glass. Good rangefinder.

Kinda funny though. When I started this bowhunting thing many many years ago, one of the things I never thought I'd say was "I really need to upgrade my laser rangefinder....."

From: Scoot

From: DanaC
A friend was telling me earlier today that he just bought a scope for his x-bow with a built-in range finder. I hate to admit that I'm not surprised by advances in technology any more...


A few years ago I went into the store with full intentions of walking out with a SIG. Instead, I walked out with a Vortex 1500 and not once have I regretted my decision.

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