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Wyoming best dates?
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Little Bear 20-May-21
midwest 20-May-21
KHNC 20-May-21
Korey Wolfe 20-May-21
WYOelker 20-May-21
Chief 419 20-May-21
Rock 21-May-21
From: Little Bear
I'm planning a pronghorn hunt on private land in 2022. Given these two date options, which do you guys that have experience think would be best? Landowner provides blinds at waterholes. Aug. 29-Sept. 1 or Sept. 12-15

From: midwest
I'd take the closer to rut dates. Have fun!

From: KHNC
they gonna stank in september!! Really bad! But , if you dont kill one, you wont have to smell it! LOL

From: Korey Wolfe

From: WYOelker
Either one. Both would work. I like early in the season as it is usually hotter and drier...

From: Chief 419
I'd take the earlier dates. Put a small, wet towel in a cooler w/ drinks & bring it in the blind with you. You'll be glad you did.

From: Rock
Either date could be great or a bust depending on the weather. Rain is a real deal breaker on Antelope hunting if you are hunting water, you want hot and dry.

Early when it is hot and dry is great as some will come to water several times a day. Later closer to the rut or during the rut you will see bucks that you have not seen before as they are traveling and chasing Doe's, Buck's will follow Doe's to water but they may not drink, so may not offer a good shot.

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