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Arrowhead Outfitters Caribou Hunt
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ChasingFAHL 22-May-21
Rock 23-May-21
ChasingFAHL 23-May-21
speedgoat 03-Jun-21
JRABQ 03-Jun-21
From: ChasingFAHL
Has anybody hunted with this outfit? Its a DIY caribou hunt and transport service and Im looking into them for 2023. Bowsite never steers me wrong!

From: Rock
Do they take Bowhunters out? Asking as I did not see any bowhunters in there photo's or video's.

From: ChasingFAHL
they do. the reviews I have found on them were rough before the old owner sold out. I haven't found any reviews of them since they were purchased but have friends who plan to hunt with them . any help would be appreciated !

From: speedgoat
I hunted with the old owners in 2017. Killed two small ones and had opportunities on some really good bulls. Weather was horrible for our 8 day hunt. Caribou were super skittish inside of 100 yards. I think the biggest problem in that area for archery hunting is the general lack of cover/ terrain. Try to get dropped near a river if possible. Theres a lot more archery friendly ground around the lakes and rivers.

A group of 3 of us rifle hunted with the old outfitter in 2016. As mentioned above the terrain was not real friendly for bowhunting. I suppose you could make it work, but if your goal was bowhunting caribou I would look at other options.

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