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This has been brought up before but it has been a while since I saw one posted and there may be better options now. What are guys using for foldable maps for out in the field; to use in conjunction with onX on my phone and a GPS? I believe many guys were using MyTopo in some of the later posts on this subject. I'm hunting a new unit in Colorado this year. Thanks, TODDY

From: Sunset
MyTopo is what I use.

From: tkjwonta
MyTopo here as well. It is nice to have the paper map to get a "bird's eye view" of a larger area and also makes it much easier for 2 or more people to look over the map at the same time.

From: DanaC
I've used Mytopo, liked being able to combine topographical contour lines with aerial photo of the area. Best of both worlds.

I use the usgs topo maps

From: Jethro
For CO and WY....diyhuntingmaps

From: elkster
usgs too maps are cheaper but you can customize a map on mytopo.

From: Predeter
X5 for

From: midwest
Still like mytopo. Fit to the area and size I want, shaded relief, UTM tick marks.

From: Bob H in NH
Google earth, OnX in a browser and print. Restricted to paper size, but they work as a backup for phone, or to share with partners.

From: Jaquomo
No matter what topo you use, also get a DIY map for the area. It shows old decommissioned logging roads and closed roads that OnX does not. Golden for navigating new country.

From: Mule Power
I use Game Planner maps. Pick your four boundaries so it includes everything you want. Better than carrying two maps that each have only half of your area. Maps are printed on tear proof waterproof paper (vinyl). I have Ed highlight all the water on my maps too so it stands out.

From: Scar Finga
My Topo here... Customize what you want/ need. You can also call them and they will help you out!!

From: fisherick
My Topo maps with UTM grids, shaded relief.

From: Z Barebow
My Topo. Customized, water proof.

Speaking of navigation. (Not paper map). I am a Gaia user. There is a layer called Slope Angle. This layer is money. Used in conjunction with topo map/contour lines, you can pick your way through steep terrain/cliffy areas. Additionally, you can find some small "benchy" spots that the contour lines don't always give up. (Sorry to hijack)

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