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Colorado Oops, Not So Fast
Wild Sheep
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DL 25-May-21
sticksender 25-May-21
Steve H. 25-May-21
Orion 25-May-21
Brotsky 25-May-21
From: DL
Talked to a friend Saturday and he said he was notified he’d drawn a NR sheep tag. Got a hold of an outfitter to go. Hadn’t heard from him so he called. Turns out they made an error and gave out too many NR tags and were in the process of notifying people that won’t be getting a tag. He’s on pins and needles waiting.

From: sticksender
I'm guessing it was Idaho, not Colorado?

ID OIL Draw Results Up

From: Steve H.
I heard about a guy that was told he drew in Idaho so he rescheduled a dall sheep hunt he had for that year then Idaho got ahold of him and said ops, no tag for you.

From: Orion
It was Idaho not Colorado that screwed up their sheep draw.

From: Brotsky
SD did this a few years back as well. I still have my e-mail that says I drew a bighorn tag. That must have gotten lost in the mail though because it never came :)

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