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Who’s everyone using for bush flights for diy sitka hunts on kodiak? My dads soon retiring and want to plan a fun trip for him. Probably late September early October time. We have no problem camping on island unless there’s a cheap option to stay on a boat. Thanks in advance

From: Slate
I used Island Air for a Brown Bear hunt. They where great.

Island usually has the most options. Seahawk has been there forever. There are a couple other pilots who started up the last year or two as well, not sure the names off the top of my head...

From: JTreeman
Andrew’s Air is who I’ve flown with a few times. If you can get on the schedule.


From: Nick Muche
Andrew’s no longer exists. Use Island or Seahawk

From: nmwapiti
Seahawk twice for me. No complaints.

From: LKH
Since you will be DIY, consider renting your gear instead of flying all from CO. You can end up with a lot more comfort.

From: Bowboy
Another vote for Seahawk

From: TEmbry
I’ve flown with Island Air probably 8-10 times now. Wonderful people to work with.

Technically Andrew's Air still exists, they just no longer fly on Kodiak, but are based in the valley? Island air bought the Kodiak float plane assets from Andrew's.

I have used Island the last few times, they have more pilots and more options

Not Kodiak, but I use Island Air on POW...Great reliable company and people!

From: Nick Muche
Ike, you used Island Air Express, different than Kodiak but glad you had good service!

Island Air Service is the Kodiak company, and they will treat you right!

From: fuzzy
Yep. Island Air was awesome

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