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Spot hogg double pin
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craigmcalvey 26-May-21
wheels 26-May-21
molsonarcher 26-May-21
walleyes 27-May-21
YZF-88 27-May-21
From: craigmcalvey
Longtime HHA user but am considering one of these, specifically the fast Eddie. How is the pin brightness compared to the HHA? This will be for tree stand hunting for whitetails. Opinions welcomed and appreciated!


From: wheels
Can’t tell you a comparison between the two, but have the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie and don’t have a problem seeing the pin in low light. They make a sight light for it also.

From: molsonarcher
I also cannot tell you the difference between the two, but I also have the Fast Eddie one I love the sight. I specifically bought it for the double pin setup. Currently, with the top pin set at 20, the bottom pin is 42. With this setup I can shoot zero to 50 without any adjustments, and I love it for whitetails. The brightness is great even on my .10 pins

From: walleyes
I can’t compare but like my double pin. As for pin brightness the only time I would ever see the need for the sight light is in a ground blind in low light.

From: YZF-88
I’m a HUGE fan of this sight. Always keep it on 50. 2nd pin ends up at 63. For anything from 8-45 I just aim a foot low. The last 2 elk and 2 deer I shot didn’t require moving the sight. They were 4, 10, 60 & 63 yards respectively.

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