150 grain mechanicals?
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Iowabowhunter 29-May-21
HDE 29-May-21
JohnMC 29-May-21
Dino 29-May-21
crowe 30-May-21
Hey all, im primarily going to have fixed heads in my quiver, but do like a mechanical for certain situations.

I'm shooting 150 grain heads, and have only found the Rage Trypan crossbow, and Sevr robusto crossbow mechs in 150 grain.

Havent handled either of these before, and am wondering if the ferrule on the head will mate flush with the arrow? Or if it even needs to?

From: HDE
Probably not since bolts have a larger diameter. You will likely have to use a BAR if it even matters.

From: JohnMC
I've bought some rage "crossbow" heads when Wal Mart was clearing them out. As far as I can tell the only difference is the collars seem to be a little stronger. The diameter where they sit against arrow seems to be the same. I would think you could go to their websites easy enough and find that diameter.

From: Dino
I have some grim reaper 150 gr mechanicals that are “cross bow” broadheads. I replaced the spring retention washers with regular grim reaper washers. I had these all set up for my Texas hog hunt, total arrow weight of 620 grs...and then the Texas hog hunt turned out to be a complete rip off and waste of time. I was tempted to try them on our bear Hunt to Mike’s Outfitting! I mounted them on Victory xtorsion arrows and they fit flush no problem. If u need pics pls let me know. To be honest, it’s a bad ass set up.

From: crowe
excalibur offers a 150 gr 3 blade trailblazer expandable, made by innerloc. Very nice strong heads.

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