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Crazed woman attacks mother bear.
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From: Huntcell

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This is nuts, crazy woman pushes Mama bear off wall.

Lucky bear did not get injured, what with babies to care of and all.

Appears she got very lucky in the sequence of events and slipped in at the right moment to sucker punch that bear off the wall. A split second either way and that bear would have (b…h slapped) face slapped her silly. And that would have left a mark or two.

She has used up her ‘good luck ‘ for quite awhile.

From: drycreek
Any momma is a force to be reckoned with, even puny human mommas.

From: Stubbleduck
There is "mama bear" and then there is "MAMA BEAR"

From: Olink
I think that she saved the bear from her dogs. They were going to have that bear treed in no time.

Bear had 2 small cubs she got lucky

From: 70lbdraw
She's damn lucky that bear was out of its elements! Had she tried that in the bears backyard...???

From: Rut Nut
They interviewed the girl on Inside Edition last night. She's only 17 and said she didn;t even realize it was a bear. My response was ...............WTH did she think it was???!!!

It's a miracle she wasn't injured or killed!

From: Shuteye
She said she wouldn't recommend doing what she did and wouldn't do it again.

From: DanaC
Sarah Palin day-drinking now? ;-)

From: Rupe
Kudos for her bravery

From: sitO

From: Ucsdryder
I don’t give her kudos for stupidity. 3 dogs will do just fine against a bear. Better than one chubby lady.

From: wytex
Chubby? Dude not even close. Why throw that comment in?

From: Timbrhuntr
I have to admit If it was my little pup I might have been dumb enough to try the same thing !!

From: smarba
Fight or flight response by the her case it was fight. But I don't think the bear was overly aggressive in the first place, it appeared to be just wanting to move away with her cubs, so the gal got lucky with it being on narrow wall with poor footing.

From: Surfbow
If that bear hadn't lost its footing and slipped off the wall the outcome would've been a little different, it's a momma bear and I'd bet it outweighs her by 50lbs. She's lucky it didn't tear her apart.

From: ahunter76
Hell, go to any Smoky Mountain Park & you see "people" with Bears standing next to them on their hind legs getting treats.. Stupid arse humans have no idea how close they are to death... This turned out good for once.

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