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To mechanical or not?
Mountain Goat
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caribou77 01-Jun-21
Treeline 02-Jun-21
Nick Muche 02-Jun-21
BULELK1 02-Jun-21
midwest 02-Jun-21
Dino 02-Jun-21
Mad Trapper 10-Jun-21
Potro 10-Jun-21
APauls 10-Jun-21
olebuck 10-Jun-21
From: caribou77
Pretty simple topic that’s been discussed over the years though nothing recent. In your wet, high wind hunts with lots of clothes on do you turn to a mechanical for forgiveness or shorten up shots and stick with your favorite head. Been leaning towards slick tricks raptor trick for the goat hunt, though they don’t make a 125 grain. ( easy fix with new inserts) rage hypodermics in 125 are a good one as well.... as much as I hate to say it.

From: Treeline
Nope. Use broadheads that I have faith in. Never killed anything with a mechanical.

From: Nick Muche
You’re going to have a very good shot, the guy guiding you is seriously one of the best killers I know. Take whatever you’re comfortable with and make the best shot you’re capable of. Your shot will not be a long one, unless you insist on taking it.

+1 Nick,

Shoot what ya shoot best and have the most confidence and success shooting with, I don't think the species matters, constant shot placement does more so.

Exciting for you!


From: midwest
I'm expecting to see a 125 Razor Trick hole through a bloody, white fur coat!

From: Dino
I had my quiver full of Jak Hammers last August...but no arrows flew! My buddy has shot 3 goats , all with wasp Jak hammers. All big holes on both sides. A mechanical will work just fine out of a well tuned bow.

From: Mad Trapper
See the other thread entitled Mechanicals for Goat

From: Potro
I shoot my goat using my regular equipment for whitetail deer. My old Hoyt with 100 grain 3 blade muzzy Shoot placement is alway more important who you will be hunting with?

From: APauls
Shoot a forgiving fixed head like an Iron Will and you've got the best of both worlds. Or a Rocket steelhead for a mech. Or any of the other great mechs.

From: olebuck
I've always been an advocate for quality fixed blades. but the Sevr Titanium mechanical broad heads are really good. quality, tough, and sharp - but they are still are a mechanical.

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