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Allergies during Sept elk hunts?
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Anyone suffered from allergies on lower elevation elk hunts? I am going to AZ in Sept and I am concerned about allergies slowing me down or causing loss of sleep. Last time I hunted southern NM whatever was blooming was really triggering my allergies. Anyone recommend specific meds or best way to deal with this?

From: Jrhendricks
I can get them really bad during that time of year. I dont waste time on benadryl and go right to Zrytec which makes it a lot more bearable.

From: Norseman
Benedryl should be in everyone’s safety kit.

From: Lost Arra
The dry air doesn't help. I use a lot of saline spray when hunting in the mountains.

From: Rut Nut
I second the Zyrtec. I have allergies all season and they would be unbearable without it! The ragweed is particularly bad in late Aug/early Sept.......

Nothing worse than a sneezing attack when ur trying to put the slip on something!

Allergy pill regardless of elevation

Allergy pill regardless of elevation

I get them bad everywhere.

Zyrtec on its own is weak sauce.

If you really want to control bad allergies, add Nasocort a week or two before the trip, but especially Astelin or Astepro, which requires a prescription. It shuts allergies off right now.

Also, if you get eye inflammation really bad in the mountains like I do, Pataday or Patanol are amazing and recently got authorization to be OTC.

Also, taking Pepcid along with your Zyrtec makes your Zyrtec work better as 30% of the Zrytec you take is wasted on H2 receptors that don't help block allergies.

I'm on 24 hour Allegra and if things get really bad I'll use Nasacort inhaler also later in the day.. It's easy on the prostrate-if you have trouble, some of the other inhalers are not.

From: kadbow
My fall allergies were terrible to the point of making my elk hunting miserable. I heard about SAAT on another hunting website. It is an acupuncture allergy treatment. I figured nothing to lose and gave it a try. It made a world of difference. It seems a little like magic but I went back for a second treatment for some additional allergies this spring and it helped with those too. I drove 4 hrs to get it done. If you can find someone in your area that does it I would give it a try.

Oh ya.... gods little joke on me. I’m allergic to just about everything out there. Wish I had a quick fix for you. Daily allergy pill, clean nostrils out nightly and use Flonase daily as well. I’ve been wanting to try a nasal flushing device one of these days. That might be the ticket.

From: Jaquomo
Nasal flushing, Claritan, and Flonase help me. Sage pollen is a killer in September. Makes me feel like I have the flu, but the OTC treatments above manage it pretty well for me. Everyone is different.

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