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Tree limb quivers
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Dale06 05-Jun-21
WVFarrier 06-Jun-21
ESP 06-Jun-21
bad karma 06-Jun-21
WV Mountaineer 06-Jun-21
bad karma 06-Jun-21
Mark S 06-Jun-21
BOWUNTR 06-Jun-21
carcus 07-Jun-21
JasonInIowa 07-Jun-21
KHNC 07-Jun-21
From: Dale06
Anyone use a Treelimb two piece quiver? If so what’s your opinion on the quality of it? Thanks

From: WVFarrier
I use one on my Obession and I dont think anyone makes a better product

From: ESP
I’ve ordered the one piece. Wanted to try something other than a tight spot

From: bad karma
I have used a one piece since 2015 and just bought a newer one that'll hold any type of expandable head or the Ramcats. No complaints whatsoever, great products,

Why does no one offer a 6-7 arrow two piece? Got my hopes up when I read the opening post.

From: bad karma
With the 2 grabber Treelimb 5 arrow quiver, I can put in a blunt-tipped arrow upside down, making it a 6 arrow quiver. Now, mine is a one-piece but it works.

From: Mark S
It's hard to find a quality 2 piece. My bow shop sold me a Tightspot last year insisting it's the best (my 2nd one I've owned) . I did not detach it once all season. Looking for a quality 2 piece - not many options.

I've been using the Treelimb 2 piece for about 5 years. No complaints, good quality, holds 1 1/4" fixed blades no problem... Ed F

From: carcus
I had the 2 piece on one of my elites years ago, I think I remember liking it, the tightspot 2 piece is nice, crazy expensive tho

From: JasonInIowa
I love mine.

From: KHNC
Rod Notestine owns TreeLimb and Sword. He is a good dude. I used their products for years. Especially like the Treelimb made for Ramcat heads. I also use Tightspot. I like it too since it has a closer fit on the bow. Both are quality quivers. I Still use a Sword sight on my target bow. They are solid sights as well.

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