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Mule Deer
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Riley7/08 07-Jun-21
BOHNTR 07-Jun-21
WYOelker 07-Jun-21
SDHNTR(home) 07-Jun-21
From: Riley7/08
Wondering if anyone has hunted mule deer in this area? I’m trying to get a tag there this year and just trying to get as much info as possible

Have family in that unit and they told me mature bucks are a rarity?

From: WYOelker
The video in this link is on par with the experiences I have had in the unit. Not many big bucks. Common to find several around 140. Are you archery hunting?

From: SDHNTR(home)
I've hunted it for lopes. I've seen one trashy monster buck that was later killed and measured 220 something. Biggest deer I've ever seen alive. Other than that, I've never seen a buck that would break 150, and not at all many in that class. Most are young 2-3 pts. From what I've also seen of locals hunting in that area, and seeing tons of deer hanging in local lockers, if it's brown it's down. Period. I'm shocked at the points it take to draw. That said, there are a lot of deer and if one didn't care about trophy quality at all, it could be a fun hunt.

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