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Hotel en Joburg
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From: Potro
Which Hotel do you recommend for stay before and after the hunt in Joburg?

From: t-roy
Afton House. Order a ribeye steak when you’re there.

From: Dale06
Afton house is great. Also, there is a hotel inside the airport. I’ve done both. If you’re connecting to another flight, I’d stay at the airport hotel. If you’re staying in SA, the Afton house is hard to beat.

From: Chief 419
Another vote for the Afton House. Many of the safaris companies put their clients up at the Afton House before the hunt.

I've used Afton House over and over for more than 20 years. It's my home-away-from-home in Jo-burg. It's not far from the airport and they take of everything as you come and go.


From: bowhunt
I stayed at the Africa Sky Guest house in 2019. It was recommended by Ken Moody. I was really happy with everything there. Very nice place, excellent food, and everyone was really nice.

From: Buffalo1
Afton House with the ribeye steak dinner.

From: g5smoke21
Afton with VIP meet and greet

From: D.unger
AfricaSky with meet and greet. Stayed with them many times and they have the nicest accommodations and best service IMO.

From: EliteFan
I guess I am an outlier. I like the convenience of the City Lodge. They are connected to the airport with a good restaurant. I just like getting my luggage and walking to my hotel in 5 mins and getting some rest. On the way back, it's handy as heck. Been to Zimbabwe a bunch and that's my routine and it makes things pretty dang easy.

I always stay at the Intercontinental Hotel. It is at the airport and doesn’t require a shuttle. It is directly across from the international concourse. It is literally less than a 5 minute walk.

Between Afton and African Sky. I would chose African Sky. Both are great though. So perhaps compare prices and go from there.


TooMany BowsBob's embedded Photo
TooMany BowsBob's embedded Photo
You'll be safe and comfortable at the Afton House. You don't want to be wandering around Jburg. Afton is protected by a good wall, and private police.

This was taken at the Afton House. TMBB

From: Firehuntfish
As others have already said, it's hard to go wrong with either the Afton Safari Lodge or the Africa Sky for your overnight in Jo'burg. I have personally stayed at both lodges multiple times, and I highly recommend both to all of my clients with the main difference being the Africa Sky is a bit more upscale and has a few more amenities including their own in-house restaurant for dinner. If you are hunting solo or with the guys, I recommend the Afton.... The majority of the clientele you will meet there are traveling hunters.... If you are with your significant other or the family, the Africa Sky would be a nice treat for them.

The City Lodge at the OR Tambo Airport is a very convenient, solid option. However, I personally like to get out away from the airport to take in some different scenery after such a long flight. The folks at the Afton will happily arrange to take you to one of several local nearby restaurants if you do not want the "steak dinner" option. We've had some great dinners at some cool local places just a few minutes from the lodge at the Afton's recommendation.

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