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Orange Requirements Colorado?
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KSBOW 08-Jun-21
wildwilderness 08-Jun-21
txhunter58 08-Jun-21
Hank_S 08-Jun-21
sitO 08-Jun-21
What are hunter orange requirements during muzzeloader season if you are there on archery hunt during that time?

The requirement is dependent on the the tag you are hunting. So if you have an archery tag the archery rules apply- as in no orange/pink. There are many over lapping seasons, like rifle bear and muzzy etc. So your tag is the one you follow

From: txhunter58
As stated, if you are bowhunting, you don’t have to wear any orange. That said, when I bowhunt during Muzzy season, I wear orange camo (legal to use when bowhunting but not gun hunting) I wear a orange camo hat and vest

From: Hank_S
I also wear camo orange…shot a bull 2 years ago at 20 yards; he nor the 9 cows that were with him ever saw me.

From: sitO
Get away from the roads Lucas, you'll be fine

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