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Big Pa bear hit by car
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Teeton 08-Jun-21
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From: Teeton

Teeton's embedded Photo
Teeton's embedded Photo
This bear from Northeast Pa was hit by a car, this morning.. The Game Commission had to come and put it down, as it seemed that i'st back was broke. This bear is believed to be a bear that been roaming between Lackawanna and Wayne County. It was hit in wayne County. Estimated at around 600lbs. What would he of weighed in at come October?

It looks more like a big Ma Bear

600 pounder got hit in my buddies yard last year around turkey day. Had another giant with it. The one that got hit took 5 guys to load up. And they pulled in the yard to be almost level with top of road. Warden said lots of biggens around. This one was Jackson township. Bout 20 minutes due west of this guy getting hit

From: jstephens61
Like to see what was left of the car that hit that thing! Hope to God it wasn’t a Prius.

From: Rut Nut
I’m betting it would have been 700+ by Oct............... We get some big ones hit in NEPA every year. Several years ago a Jeep hit one on I-84 (500 lbs) and totaled the Jeep. Many years ago a little old lady hit one just outside Milford on route 209 (another 500+) and totaled her Dodge Omni.................impressive considering the speed limit is only 35 mph there!

True rut nut. Few years ago we watched one come down the power line with a yearling in its mouth and the yearling looked like a fawn in size comparison. Bear ended Saturday and we were out Sunday scouting for hunting Monday see where we were gonna sit everyone and what drives we thought might produce. Biggest bear I’ve ever seen. He was for sure 600-700 pounds. Found his tracks in the soft wet sand and they were just massive

From: RonS
Wow, what a bruiser. I agree with Rut that it would probably be over 700 come fall.

Yes that is a big bear. Years ago I had one run into the side of my CJ7 and then bounce of the Jeep utility trailer in tow on Rte 555. Was quite a 'thump' can't imagine what that one would have been.

From: Tracker
Those Game wardens heading to Afghanistan when they're done loading that bear.

The heaviest bear ever taken in Pennsylvania was an 875-pounder harvested in 2010 in Middle Smithfield Township, Pike County. Since 1992, seven black bears weighing at least 800 pounds have been lawfully harvested in Pennsylvania hunting seasons.Feb 5, 2020

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