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AZ EZ Fletch Mini and Victory VAP
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SDHNTR(home) 08-Jun-21
Matt 08-Jun-21
ElkNut1 08-Jun-21
Willieboat 08-Jun-21
Empty Freezer 08-Jun-21
Glunt@work 08-Jun-21
rooster 09-Jun-21
JW 09-Jun-21
Tilzbow 09-Jun-21
bowhunter55 09-Jun-21
From: SDHNTR(home)
Will it work? My brother got sold some of these arrows and they have no helical to the stock vanes. Can I use my EZ Fletch Mini and some new vanes to get him some proper helical on these arrows?

From: Matt
Their website might give you an idea.

From: ElkNut1
I use those VAP Elite arrows & saw no difference in accuracy with helical & no helical. Food for thought!


From: Willieboat
Works great plenty of helical

Yes you can use your EZ Fletch with the helical on the VAP arrows. ElkNut is the man so its probably good food he's throwin out there..

From: Glunt@work
Call Archery Headquarters in Chandler, AZ and ask if you aren't sure. Great guys.

From: rooster
I've recently re-fletched a couple of Gold Tip Kinetic shafts using the EZ Fletch. As mentioned above you get a lot more helical. Doesn't seem to affect point of impact but you can really see the increased spin.

From: JW
It’ll work fine. I’ve fletched lots of .166 shafts with that jig. Vaps, injextions, deep impacts, x-impacts, etc…

From: Tilzbow
Yep! What JW just wrote!

From: bowhunter55
Yep, ditto with JW

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