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National Forest Outfitter Registration
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DonVathome 11-Jun-21
greg simon 11-Jun-21
bowhunt 11-Jun-21
swede 11-Jun-21
Mule Power 11-Jun-21
DonVathome 12-Jun-21
Pete In Fairbanks 12-Jun-21
elkster 12-Jun-21
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LONEBULL 18-Jun-21
Brotsky 18-Jun-21
From: DonVathome
I believe outfitters have to register there camps with the Natioan Forest Service correct? I want to figure out how to get there locations so we can avoid them during a hunt in WY this fall. We are going in a few miles and do not want to run into another camp.

From: greg simon
Sounds like a good idea. I have no help for you on locating outfitter camp registrations, but do a google earth check. If there are photos taken during previous elk seasons it might help.

From: bowhunt
Yes the outfitters are supposed to register their camps. Call the national forest office in charge of that area

Tell them the general areas you plan to head to and ask if there is a permitted outfitter camp.

This would probably get you the information you want.

Call outfitters in that area. Tell them where your going and they will know who's area it is.

From: swede
The Forest Service has the outfitters operating plan including camp locations and the number of clients they are taking out. I did not deal with that aspect of forest management, but you should be able to get that information. I would ask for the dates they will use the camp(s) and see what information they will have on the timing of clients. They may have fewer clients in archery season than in rifle season. Call the local ranger station, and ask for someone familiar with outfitter guide permits. I would call about 4:00 PM for the best chance of finding the right person at their desk. You may need to leave a message. Some of the F.S. people are very good about getting back with you, but be prepared to call more than once.

From: Mule Power
First determine which national forest it us. Then call a ranger station and ask which ranger station the outfitter permit administrator is at. Sometimes there are several ranger stations per forest. Once you get in touch with him or her you’ll need to tell them which drainage you want to hunt and ask if there’s a designated outfitter camp there and if it’s being used this season. Be specific because there are lots of outfitters and each have several camps so you can’t just ask “where are there camps” They even know how many hunters and guides will be in camp each week from the “proposed use” form filed by the outfitter which his user fees are based on. Good luck Don. If you have any other similar questions I can probably answer them.

From: DonVathome
Thanks! That is what I thought. I debated calling outfitters - but they could easily think I am trying to figure out where they are so I can sneak in.

Remember..... if the USFS will give out outfitter camp location info to YOU, they will also give it to anti-hunters/hunt saboteurs.

Hopefully it is NOT public information!


From: elkster
I've done it Don. It took several calls, patience. I reached the specific personnel with specific info on the drains I wanted to hunt.

From: Huntcell
Public is as public does. Hope it stays public.

Lock down for fear of fear. Infringe on others rights because you rather give up.

Oh ! My!

From: Pop-r
Better be public Pete. (Of course it is) Saboteurs are everywhere. Most aren't going to the camps being discussed though.

National Forest Office in Cody used to have a giant map on the wall with pin locations of the exact spot it's registered to them. I'm sure they could send you the info.

From: Brotsky
I would bet the game warden for your district in WY would likely know this info too. Another place to possibly check.

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