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From: Orion
Looking at getting away from entry level vortex stuff. My eyes aren't as good as they should be at 25 so I need quality glass, I don't have Swarovski level money so lets keep it under $1000 each, I want an angled spotter and a set of 10x50 binos. I'm not a brand loyalist so I'm willing to try anything. I love my Zeiss rifle scope. But what I want to know is a few options on a new bino and spotter. Weight isn't a huge factor to me so let me know what you have used and liked. Primarily I bowhunt more open/breaks style country. Thanks in advance!

From: Bou'bound
you do have USED swarovski level money if you get creative and patient.

From: lv2bohunt
10x50 may limit you below $1000. Leupold BX-4 and Vortex Viper are about your best choices for new 50mm below $1000. Used Leica would be right at or just above $1000.

lv2bohunt pretty much said my thoughts. You are going to have a very hard time beating leupold’s bx4 series for your price range. They are really good bino’s.

It’s a lot easier to see the difference in spotters then it is bino’s. Cheaper options will see your long range clarity suffer versus the top of the line glass. It’s is very noticeable. So, if you use a spotter a lot, I’d get the best I could afford. If not, you’ll definitely regret it. This coming from a guy who just bought an Athlon Ares. It’s a good scope and suits my purpose. But, it’s no swaro, nightforce, etc…. either. Not even close.

There are other things you’ll lose while saving money on a spotter. Like eye relief. That the biggest thing not touched on. When your spotter is cranked upto 45 power, having to float your eye inline to get a full picture in a cheap spotter versus having much more play in a more expensive spotter, is huge.

My advice would be you can get it done with little noticeable tradeoff using a bino like the bx4. Then put the money you save with your spotter money and buy the best you can afford or justify spending. You won’t ever regret it. You can take it to the bank a $2500-$3500 spotter is going to be in a different universe then a $1000 one. If you intend to use them a lot, keep that in mind.

From: Dale06
What bou bound said. Look for used swaro stuff. That got me a great set of 10x32 EL binocs. And don’t overlook the swaro SLC line, excellent and for sure used at sub $1000 for binocs.

From: APauls
If you’re willing to dabble the binos are where you can do well. Many guys say they are super happy with _________ brand. I had some Swarovski EL’s 10x42 I bought used and then ended up on Cabelas Euros that I liked better and they were under a grand brand new on sale. Some guys like Steiners, some guys Meopta, Zeiss, etc etc.

On the Spotter the quality to money spent correlation seems a lot more linear. Just seems like you can’t get good stuff unless you spend an arm and a leg.

From: Rancher
Save until you can buy Swarovski,either used or new,you will never want better.

From: ESP
Orion, please go to a place and check them out with your own eyes. I have prisms and filters in my glasses and they can change everything. For example I can not get any Swarovski to focus but Ziess and Meopta are crystal clear. Every set of eyes are different.

From: butcherboy
Agree on looking through them first. Don’t just buy the popular glass because a lot of people say “buy once, cry once” or “buy used”. I’ve said before that I have Leupold , Leica, and Maven and I like all three. Leupold are 8x42 and 10X42, Leica’s are 10X42 rangefinder, Maven’s are 15X50.

From: WYOelker
Look at Mavens. The glass is pretty amazing for the price. They do have a loaner system where you can test run their Binos. I have moved from Swaro’s to Mavens. Selling my Swaro’s and making money. I think that my mavens are really good and they allow me to sit and glass for hours on end without noticing eye strain.

From: PGA Pro
After reading bowhunter magazines review on the 12.5x50 Tract Toric and looking up everything I could find online, I bought them. $750 and has all 5 star ratings . They are back ordered until July 1st though.

12X50 Vortex Razor are a good choice to cover both. Great on a tripod and work well out of a harness. My old eyes love em. My .02

From: Orion
Lot of good info here. Thanks a bunch fellas! Definitely going to do some shopping around and see what pops up!

From: jdee
If you’re only 25 do what you have to do and buy some Swaro’s !! I bought a new pair of 8.5x42 EL’s in 2004 for $1400 I used them hard until last summer and sold them after 3 days of advertising them online for $1350. Took the $1350 and added $1000 and bought a pair of 12x50 EL’s . Love these binos especially when sitting on the side of a canyon mounted on a tripod. Good luck with whatever you end up with.

I’m not much older, and have super eyesight so I have to use the best otherwise I get terrible eye strain.

I had a pair of Zeiss Conquest-good for about a minute on a tripod then I couldn’t look thru em anymore.

Traded for a pair of 8x32 Leica Ultravids and like them for deer hunting in the Midwest.

Saving up for EL’s now and will sell the Leica’s to help fund that purchase

From: SBH
Buy the swaros and never need to go through this again. Since you’ve already went through vortex and now you have $1,000 to spend you could have bought swaros ! By once cry once. No regrets. Threads like this pop up all the time and it’s the same thing over and over. You get what you pay for with glass. If you’re gonna use it a lot there is no doubt in my mind they are worth the $$. Good luck!

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