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Iowabowhunter 20-May-22
I lived in Montana for 4 years, grew up in and moved back to Iowa....the whitetail hunting is great, but jm dying to get back out West.

Makes sense to me to look at Wyoming to call home for my wife and I (possibly kids on the way).

I'll work from home so just need an internet connection. My wife will be a nurse so need to have a hospital or at least nursing home within half hour-45 minute drive.

We want to be in/as close to the mountains as we can be.

She loves to hike and kayak, im obviously concerned with the hunting and fly fishing opportunities.

Where would you look? Feel free to PM in case any Californians read my post and decide to sully the state as they have in Bozeangeles.

I'm not a Wyoming resident, but I"ve been everywhere in WY and considered moving there.

Look at Riverton, Lander, Pinedale, Cody, Caspar, and Sheridan. Dubois is nice, but it's small and far from everything. I don't really like Cheyenne. Rock Springs is a nice town, but it's not near the mountains.


BULELK1's Link
This link will give you an idea of home price's, land ect.

There is a Hospital in Jackson and a hospital in Afton that maybe your Mrs would be interested in for work.

I personally wouldn't want to drive from Alpine ($heaper living than Jackson) area to Jackson via Snake River Canyon road (beautiful drive though) to work and back every day !

There is a bus service from Afton to Jackson thru out the day..

Good luck, Robb

From: Deertick
Laramie is nice, and electricity is free ... if you can put up a windmill (LOL). In addition to flying kites, there’s lots to do here!

Seriously, if you’re thinking of living remotely, consider Starlink internet. I just put it up this weekend and it was super easy ... and I can now have real internet speeds. That’s a problem with rural Wyoming ... we haven’t had decent internet service until now.

Consider Sheridan ... it’s $$$, but it’s going to be worth more. “Buy low, sell high” is in reference to relative, not absolute numbers.

From: JohnMC
I also really like Sheridan. Another area I like is just across the border in ID. Driggs and Victor area.

From: hoytshooter1
Idy....... I live here and anyone who says they think Rock Springs is a nice town hasn't spent that much time in Rock Springs.... lol

I think Lander would definitely fit the bill for this fella and his family, or the Star Valley area

^^^^ Too funny Dan…but oh so true! lol! I’ll 2nd the Sheridan, Lander, and Star Valley suggestions. My first choice would probably be Buffalo, and Thermopolis would be high on my list as well. Personally, I’d steer clear of the Jackson area. Beautiful country, but rapidly becoming extremely blue, i. e. Boulder, California…take your pick.

From: Inshart
Use this site - gives a lot of info on just about any place in the US.

From: Shb
Wy is full.

Meeteetse, wife can work on Cody

From: Ron Niziolek
Cody, Sheridan or Buffalo would be my choices. All have hospitals.

From: 7mm08
Lots of clinics and hospitals in WY are in need of nurses. The smaller towns don't pay very well... a concession you will have to face if you go Buffalo or one of the other smaller places.

From: Brotsky
Hmmm...maybe Nichole can work as a nurse in Sheridan and I can retire....and maybe pigs can fly:)

From: Rob in VT

Rob in VT's embedded Photo
Rob in VT's embedded Photo
My wife and I just went through the same process in 2019. We looked at several areas of WY including Sundance, Sheridan, Pinedale, and the Star Valley. After much looking and consideration we ended up buying a place in the town of Big Horn which is just south of Sheridan. It’s a beautiful area and checked all of our boxes. The only knock I have on the area is that there is a lot of big private ranches. This just means you have to go a little further from town to get on public land. The Bighorns are over a million acres and less than 30 min out of town.

My wife is retired and I will be retiring in a few weeks so employment wasn’t a consideration for us.

Best of luck!

From: Mule Power
Alpine. Hospital in Jackson. I have a friend doing exactly that. He drives for UPS and she’s a nurse.

From: midwest
I'm super peanut butter and jealous, Rob in VT!

Best of luck on whatever you decide, Iowabowhunter. What a wonderful heavy decision to have to make!

Thanks all for the tips. It will be a little bit first as she is in school still.

From: WYOelker
So going on our 3rd year here. A few things to consider. The roads close a lot and sometimes in every direction. We landed in Lander. Compared to some areas the weather is mild, but when it decides to get nasty it gets nasty. When it gets nasty you can go a bit with out the comforts of power, and Internet etc. not horrible, but we have spent more days with down systems in our 2 winters here than we did in the last 15 in Colorado.

When the roads close it is interesting, for example you walk into the grocery store and there is no produce left after 3 days.

Shipping that is supposed to take 3 days turns into 2 weeks.

You must plan ahead even on a short 2 hour trip and watch the weather close. Getting stuck in Casper for 30 hours sucks because you stayed an hour too long and the storm shut the highway down.

Also need a good inside hobby for when the wind blows. Man it can really blow…

Over all I am very happy to be a refugee from Colorado Calling WY home but even living in rural mountain Colorado was shift to living in WY.

From: 7mm08
What he said. You have to accept the wind. It can be maddening at times. Nothing is fast. Service at a drive through is slow, restaurants are slow, contractors are slow. Part of the draw here is nobody gets in a hurry, but sometimes it can be "testy". Everything is far, lol. It is a long drive, walk, or ride to anywhere. ??

I’m not too worried about the wind, helps me become a better shot lol. I do enjoy tying flies so that can keep me busy, and I’d like to get into reloading shells for duck hunting anyway.

I've got another wrinkle to throw in, going to start a new thread.

Thanks all

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