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Carbon 500
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Papadeerhtr 14-Jun-21
Matt 14-Jun-21
GF 14-Jun-21
Papadeerhtr 15-Jun-21
Buglmin 15-Jun-21
oldgoat 15-Jun-21
From: Papadeerhtr
Do any of the carbon arrow manufacturers make 500s in 32 in length. I've always shot gold tips and theirs aren't that long.

From: Matt
Dumb question, what poundage are you shooting that a .500 spine shaft would work with a 32" arrow?

From: GF
All kinds of Stickbow guys shoot full-length 500s at moderate poundage.

I shoot everything at 27 3/4” VON-BOP, and 500s are perfectly tuned FOR ME at about #52-#53 and 200 up front, but full length with a lighter bow and a target-weight arrow, good to go.

From: Papadeerhtr
I'm shooting at my 31 in draw a 46 lb super Kodiak. Most of my bows are in low 50 s and shoot 400 fine. This Bear doesn't like 400 at all.

From: Buglmin
Black Eagle makes 32" arrows.

From: oldgoat
Black Eagle Instincts go all the way down to .600 and come 34" full length, pretty heavy gpi though since they have wood grain wrap, oh and they are micro diameter.

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