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California favors sheep over hickers
Wild Sheep
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From: Huntcell

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Due to the extreme dry conditions a favorite hiking trail the 49 Palms Trail is closed to all tourists in Joshua Tree National Park, so Bighorn sheep can access one of the few remaining water sources' undisturbed.

mentioned there are hundreds of sheep in park, that's a big herd by most sheep standards.

wonder if there is a hunt able sheep zone adjacent to Park?

hickers hikers ahh close enough


From: Ermine
Dang that’s awesome. Good to see a state do that

“Hickers”… when people that live out in BFE go hiking. ;)

From: GF
So if you were to have a tag that allowed you to hunt that area.... would you still be permitted to get up there for scouting purposes?

Baseline, i think it’s cool to let the sheep have the run of the place, unmolested. Let all those folks who say it’s the animals’ territory we’re invading stay home and feel righteous. But allowing tag-holders access seems within reason. Hassling the critters would be contrary to their interests, and if it’s a tough tag to draw, it seems fairly reasonable....

From: Tilzbow

It’s in a National Park, so no hunting.

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