Fires - elk hunt areas
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Inshart 16-Jun-21
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From: Inshart
Just checked out where we elk hunt, thank goodness the fires missed our area .... "so far anyway" .... Prayers to those whose homes are threatened and the fire fighters who are putting their lives on the line for us. From the looks of it, it's going to only get worse.

Fire watch page:

From: Live2Hunt
Used to seem to go through that every year. One year it hit our area in Idaho and was shut down till a week before we left WI. We had already started looking at a different area to hunt, but luckily the fires were out by the time we left. Funny thing is when we got to Mcall, we stopped at the ranger station to see how bad the fires were. The guy looked at us funny when we asked how bad the fires were and said "Bad Fire? Naw, those were good fires, only 5% hot spots". We were amazed at the green that had already popped up in the burn areas.

From: SBH
Unfortunately due to mismanagement of most forest in the US we will be seeing more and more fires. Best to have plan A, B and C on hunting areas and plan on hunting in smoky air. Sucks but some of these forest need to burn.

From: Grey Ghost
If we don't get some rain, the entire western slope of Colorado may be on fire by September.


Don't even bother to judge in June what may burn during the next 3 1/2 months of fire season!

If something in your hunting area is burning NOW, intensity is not too bad AND it gets rain on it later in the summer, it can green up with new growth and be an elk magnet by falltime.


From: Bob H in NH
Already had one about 20 miles away here in WY, not my elk area, but next to it.

Well AZ is pretty much on fire. But, despite that I remain hopeful. We just need those monsoons to kick in within the next couple of weeks. They are just as likely to be above average as below average. I’m doing the dance to see if it helps.

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