Lighted Nocks- anything new for 2021?
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Hunt98 16-Jun-21
jingalls 16-Jun-21
Kydeer1 16-Jun-21
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Matt Palmquist 21-Jun-21
Burt 25-Jun-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 25-Jun-21
From: Hunt98
I’ve tried several over the years but I’m still looking for a good lighted nock that:

-Comes on when it should and stays off when it should also. - easy to turn off after it turns on - bright and long battery life - fits securely in the arrow

Is there any brand that fits my wish list?

From: jingalls
Glory Nocks!

From: Kydeer1
I'll second the glory nocks so far. They are well thought out...durability is pending some more shooting time.

From: Ermine
Firenock is the best

Nockturnals will have an external switch to turn them off which is a huge improvement imo. Not sure if they are out yet.


From: Burt
I really like lighted arrow nock and use them for most of my stumping and hunting. My vote goes to nockturnals but honestly none that I've tried yet are that great. Seems like it's a technology not quite perfected so far.

The post plunger in the center of a fixed nock seems to be best design so far. Nocturnal (push in) and glory nocks (spring action pop up) are much more reliable and reusable than the older designs where the entire nock had to move (luminocks and firenocks). My biggest gripe is for the money none of them are really consistent. Buy a dozen (which ain't cheap) and at least two or three are temperamental or complete duds. Given the cost they don't play well for daily practice as batteries go dead. The other headache is these aren't watertight so once they get wet there is a good chance of finding a corroded leaking battery a week later. If you buy some with the intention of simply installing on your hunting arrows and swapping out each season for fresh batteries I think either is great. Something you will shoot a few days every week, not so much.

But someone does come up with a good reliable one with replaceable batteries or ones cheap enough (like $1 each) to regularly replace, sign me up for a gross!

I have blackout ones made by lumenock I believe. Worked well so far. I have a group of dead ones from falling in a creek so those are on my practice arrows. New set on my hunting arrows

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