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Looking for a replacement arrow!
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bloodrunner38 17-Jun-21
sundowner 17-Jun-21
Pop-r 17-Jun-21
12yards 18-Jun-21
ohiohunter 18-Jun-21
bloodrunner38 19-Jun-21
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WV Mountaineer 20-Jun-21
ELKMAN 20-Jun-21
sundowner 21-Jun-21
Hi BS, I went into my shop looking to get another dozen arrows and to my surprise CX discontinued their Pile Driver DS's. I am looking for a replacement with similar features I shoot 350's. I have l shoot these for years and really like having a heavy arrow I am disappointed to say the least. What is everyone else shooting? Thanks!

From: sundowner
Easton ACC 360's. Straight, tough and durable.

From: Pop-r
Bloodsport Evidence 300's

From: 12yards
Lancaster still has a Piledriver D Stroyer listed at 11 gpi. Might want to get a couple dozen and stock up. Otherwise Gold Tip Kinetic Kaos are 9.9 gpi, and their traditional XT shaft is 10.5 gpi if you don't mind a fake wood look. FMJs are a heavier shaft if you don't mind an arrow with an aluminum outer sheath. Or you could go with a stiffer spine lighter gpi arrow and put more weight up front to get the total arrow weight you'd like.

From: ohiohunter
12yds. X2.. they’re still PD’s available, just not at your LBS. buy the hell out of’m and you’ll be good for the long haul.

Thanks guys! I did a little more research. Called CX and found out they are "re-releasing" them in their new D-stoyer line. They are about 3 weeks out from shipping the first ones. They are essentially the exact same with a little tighter specs. Basically slapping the a new wrap on them.

From: yeager
Have been using Easton FMJ’s with both my compound and traditional bow for the past 7 years.

Easton has some all carbon shafts that run over 9 grains per inch, add a brass insert and get a great hunting arrow - American made!

Same with beman.

ACCs are discontinued. I just wrangled 8 dozen so I should be set for awhile. Sad that they did away with easily their best all around arrow platform.

From: sundowner
ELKMAN, Easton ACCs are available in all sizes at Lancaster Archery Supply. Also they have shafts and all components if you build your own as I do. Easton did discontinue a version of the ACC a few years ago (ACC Pro Hunter, I think they were called) but I believe the original ACC is still in production. I shoot the ACC 3-60/340, and have seen no reason to change since 1997. Great arrow shaft. I'm still shooting some that are well over 20 years old and still straight.

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