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Wyoming elk tags sent?
Contributors to this thread:
WI Shedhead 17-Jun-21
bloodrunner38 17-Jun-21
badbull 17-Jun-21
Lost Arra 17-Jun-21
Old School 17-Jun-21
Rob in VT 18-Jun-21
From: WI Shedhead
Well my dad drew a Wyoming elk tag and his identity was stolen and his mail has been sent to an address in Florida somewhere the last 10 days or so. He thinks his tag was sent thier. Has anyone else recieved thier nr tags in the mail recently?

Yes i got mine on the 11th!

From: badbull
My son got his about a week or more ago. You might check with Wyoming Fish and Game to get resolution at this point.

From: Lost Arra
Yes I received my nr tag last week. I don't think you will have a problem with Wyo G&F

From: Old School
I got my tag in the mail over a week ago.

From: Rob in VT
Same here. Received it over a week ago.

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