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Oregon Results
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MQQSE 20-Jun-21
Royboy 20-Jun-21
TurboT 20-Jun-21
wyliecoyote 21-Jun-21
bowhunt 21-Jun-21
Treeline 21-Jun-21
WapitiBob 21-Jun-21
swede 21-Jun-21
JL 21-Jun-21
stringgunner 21-Jun-21
WapitiBob 21-Jun-21
stringgunner 25-Jun-21
Maybe I missed someone else posting about Oregon results being out. Either way, it looks like results are up if you log into your account. 19 years and zippo for me.

From: Royboy
Nothing for me but there’s otc. Relegated to helping others again

From: TurboT
Every other state would get at least 50-100 hits on this thread. This shows what oregon is.

From: wyliecoyote
Me and 2 buddies all drew an Ochoco elk tag archery hunt....I still have 10 antelope PPs..any advice of what unit to try to draw for an archery goat hunt??

From: bowhunt
I didn’t get anything, but wasn’t expecting too.

Used all my elk points in 2016, so doing otc archery for the last year that’s available.

I have 18 points for deer, but I think I’m 4-5 years out from the tag I want still.

I have 19 for antelope, I’ll probably do that hunt in 3-4 years

From: Treeline
“No hunt wins for 2021”

From: WapitiBob
Changed from a sure thing controlled elk to a point and will hit it next year. Drew a doe tag to use the points

From: swede
I drew nothing either.

From: JL
21-Jun-21 anyone hitting the coast units? When I was stationed in North Bend (twice), they always had left over NR elk tags for the Tioga unit. I drew as a res but my buddy came out as a NR and drew with no points.

As a res, I think I drew the Silver Lake unit for deer with no points. I was saving up deer points for Whitehorse but lost interest. Did something happen to the quotas that put them in short supply? I don't see Santiam posting too much anymore.

From: stringgunner
Another year to decide what to do with 13 resident points. Too far behind the big 3 with point creep I figure. What to do, what to do.

Royboy- you offered last year. I’m still considering it. Waiting to see what happens with the new draw rules for this next year.

From: WapitiBob
The proposal will pass and from what I've seen the only questions will be choose your weapon and how they structure the youth general hunts.

From: stringgunner
Tons of left over archery deer tags for east side units that went draw this year. Now the rifle hunters that didn’t draw will pick a unit and hint with a bow like they always have. I thought the draw was for overcrowding? Looks like it was in fact about the money. Should have done a pick your weapon and left it alone.

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