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Arrow Recommdations?
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Hunt98 21-Jun-21
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wyobullshooter 21-Jun-21
GF 22-Jun-21
wyobullshooter 22-Jun-21
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razmania 28-Jun-21
From: Hunt98
I’ve been shooting FMJ for the last 4-5 years and I running low on inventory. I will mainly be hunting elk, whitetail deer and black bear.

What arrow and diameter would you recommend?

From: DanaC
Easton still makes the FMJ, why switch?

I shot FMJ’s then switched to 5mm Axis several years ago and have been extremely happy with them.

From: GF
If you’re all set up for them, tuned well, etc., and you aren’t horrified by the price of them, why would you switch?

If you do want to switch, the only reason diameter might matter is if you have plenty of components around that you’d prefer to use, rather than replace.

Shooting a sturdy COC fixed blade, guys have been shooting through very large animals with 23/64” wood shafts for tens of thousands of years, using bows with a fraction of the power output of a typical #50 compound.

So you call it a fashion statement, really. Shoot what you like. Unless you’re making your own self-bows and rivercane arrows, everything we have today is WAY better than what has worked (very well!) for millennia.

Except mechanicals. They will ALWAYS suck.


Why switch? Simple answer…fmj’s bend. Not as much as pure aluminum, but enough that it can play hell with broadhead flight. And there’s a reason not many still shoot 23/64” wood shafts. In this day and age, there are much better choices.

From: Buck Watcher
Axis with 50 grain insert works for me. If these ever break I will go with the 5mm Axis Match Grade. I have FMJ too.

From: Russ Koon
I've been very happy with my Easton Hunters in 340 spine for about thirty years now. Very durable, consistent arrow. It is also the least expensive hunting shaft on the market and is still made in the USA. The shafts come with longer-than-most CB inserts that I suspect have been responsible for part of their excellent performance, as they fit the shaft ID with a nice slip fit and reinforce it in an area that is vulnerable.

Victory has a full lineup of all arrows including their micro diameter that are amazing. My .02

I just got set up with Easton Bowfire 330s for my heavy set up and loving the way they fly so far. Total weight 566 shooting 266fps. Probably gonna push 270-272 once I turn my bow back up to 70.

From: razmania

From: Bake
I switched from FMJs this year. I got tired of them bending. I really like them otherwise. I bought Day Six 350s. They're thinner than FMJs. They have an aluminum outsert.

I was dreading the process of resighting my 4 pin slider. Amazingly to me, they shoot dead on with the old FMJs (up and down anyways. I had to adjust windage). Out to 90 yards. And seem much more consistent than the FMJs at the long ranges.

I've been really happy with the switch. Headed to RSA this year, so I'm sure I'll get to test them on some different sized animals.

From: razmania
On your question about arrows, I personally shoot and highly recommend GRIZZLY STIK, these are FOC Thin Diameter tapered shaft arrows. Team this up with the 2 blade, single bevel heads they offer and you will be amazed at the penetration you will get (great blood trails but haven't had to follow very far ). I have been shooting these for about 7 years now. Taken, numerous Whitetails, and a Griz, converted most of my hunting friends as well. All have taken many Whitetails, and a Moose. I use this setup for everything shooting total weight of appx; 575 grains, 65# draw at roughly 230FPS... well be using this for Caribou this fall

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